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Watchdog Legal Action

MQG is on alert to expose and prevent public misdeeds (both national and local) that violate Israel’s legal and constitutional safeguards.

Whistleblower Hotline

Citizens use the hotline to report hundreds of anti-democratic violations per year, allowing us to impact urgent issues as they arise.

Policy and Legislation

We are constantly on duty in the Knesset, composing and promoting bills and policies that will preserve Israel’s democracy.

Safeguard Public Funds

MQG safeguards and promotes the proper use of public funds and resources. The MQG places special emphasis on fighting the corrosive effects of money in politics, and works to expose market and industry issues caused by governmental mismanagement, such as high market concentration.

Campaigns for and by the People

MQG’s reputation for independence and efficacy enables us to give a voice to the people in their fight against cronyism and corruption. The MQG organizes large- scale public campaigns and promotes legislative changes for and on behalf of the public.

Education and Activism

MQG educates, inspires and builds the capacity of young people throughout Israel to join the fight to sustain Israel’s democracy. We work in high schools, youth group movements and pre-army gap-year programs, offering an in-depth understanding of Israel’s democratic challenges and practical tools for civic activism.

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